The biggest tragedy – URDA Netherlands

The biggest tragedy

Due to the critical considerations of ARSAAL either by its nature and location or by the sectarian status there, this town is far from being supported by the very basic services needed in any place intended to be lived in. As a result, Arsal has no infrastructure of sewage, drinking water, irrigation or even adequate health and economic services. The biggest tragedy was in the capacity of the services and infrastructure to accommodate this large number of refugees (about 70,000) which is more than twice the Lebanese population. Living under this bitter reality with thousands of cases of disability or chronic diseases or mental illnesses spreading within, which leave painful scars in the hearts of all those interested in humanitarian work. because of the lack of any healthy, sanitary, relief, shelter and educational services and as URDA is the main organization which can enter and implement in this area joined all the needed efforts to alleviate this suffering and painful situation by providing Shelter in 15Camps established by URDA and about another 45 Camps supported by URDA, health care in URDA Hospital, Education in URDA established Schools, Psychological support activities in addition to Water and Sanitation by new sewage network and Five drinking water wells.
We can provide more facilities and create more opportunities, we believe that everything is possible with the right people who are there to support us.

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