URDA Netherlands has gained ANBI status – URDA Netherlands

URDA Netherlands has gained ANBI status

On September 15 in 2017 Stichting URDA received ANBI status in The Netherlands. To receive such status an organisation has to be committed to at least 90% for the public benefit, and the new Dutch URDA organisation, which was set up in 2016, intends to provide international support to the refugees coming into safe countries after leaving areas affected by political conflict or natural disaster. In addition, URDA Nederland will garner financial and volunteer support for URDA’s work in international conflict and natural disaster areas. It is also already working to enlarge the international network of URDA with the support of Dutch partnerships and international campaigns run from The Netherlands. For an organisation to receive ANBI status there is also an obligation to publish all its contact details, policy, financial data and current activities on an internet address, or to make this information available via a publication portal, and since URDA Netherlands was founded it has been publishing details about its organisation on its multilingual website (www.urda.nl/en/) and on its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/urda.nl/). Stichting URDA will continue to publish regular news items on its various programmes and activities on both portals, and gaining ANBI status is one of the steps that the organisation is taking this year to continue to improve its work for refugees in conflict and natural disaster areas.