The automatic bakery project established – URDA Netherlands

From Consuming to Productivity Al-AWDAH bakery center

The automatic bakery project established in AL-AWADAH Model productive village in Bar ELIAS- Central Beqaa. Seeks to provide baked bread for the camp inhabitants and the surrounding host community with maximum production capacity reaching 16,000 bags of bread per day.
The bakery, With the necessary funds, is equipped to operate 8 hours per day by the hands of 8 workers of the camp inhabitants to produce bread at minimal expenses in order to suit the refugees’ financial conditions.
The idea of establishing this project emerged out of the harsh living conditions and the scarcity of food, mainly bread need, where having
it was too difficult for the refugee In light of natural and security conditions in the border area of Beqaa.
In addition to the fact that our development sector-main concern is to transfer the refugee status from being in total consumption to be productive and supportive. In July 2019 URDA with the cooperation of our stakeholders had the pleasure to run this bakery again.
With generous hands, hundreds of families were supplied with bread and a number of refugees support their families in favor to this project.
We believe in our message that together we can do great things to the refugees and take them out of this endless circle of helplessness in addition to all the hardship and misery, and out of all the cruelty circumstances they are facing.