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Join Our Mission

While our purpose is fixed, the plan of URDA is always flexible. Part of our dynamic management, URDA in 2019 aimed at serving its humanitarian existence in multiple sectors and we reached out for the most influential number of beneficiaries in Relief, Education, and in Psychological support, in addition to projects in women empowerment still under developing. Our organization is evolving and growing therefore we are for a committed Board Member to serve on our organization’s governing body. The Board Member’s responsibilities include advising on strategic plans, participating in evaluations, and monitoring its financial affairs. To be successful as a Board Member you should have significant professional leadership experience and strong diplomatic skills. An outstanding Board Member will be passionately committed to the organization’s mission. Being in URDA’s team is always a dynamic and inspiring, do you want to make a difference, Fill the Form below and tell us about yourself.

The Board of Directors is responsible of creating URDA General Strategies, orienting URDA activities and missions and decision making within its scope of authority.
The role of the Board of Directors lies within the following:

  1. Specify the orientation of the strategic planning of URDA through working collaboratively with the Executive  Administration  to develop and implement URDA vision, mission, goals, strategies and general structure. 
  2. Approve and Adopt the annual administrative budget proposed by the Executive Administration and take all needed governing decisions.  
  3. Coordinate with the executive director regarding the workflow on quarterly basis.
  4. Evaluating Executive Managers performance through mid-year report issued by the Executive director.
  5. . Recommendations on expenditure policies and project implementation.
  6. Authorizing the regulations implementations set by the Executive Administration in terms of internal system.
  7. Representing URDA in high profile events and strategic conventions.
  8. Direct and process the financial and governing services identified by the Executive Administration  .
  9. Supervision on Minutes of meetings set by the Executive Administration.