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Our Story

URDA, Urgent Relief and Development Association, is a Dutch non-governmental organization dedicated the defense and protection of human rights and the creation of proper conditions and opportunities for vulnerable populations, such as refugees, displaced persons and/or people affected by armed conflicts or natural disasters, regardless of race, gender, origin, religion or age. URDA works on promoting and developing lasting and sustainable changes in the social realities in which it intervenes to ensure dignified living conditions for the refugee population.
Our story began in 2016 when a team of humanitarians believed that they can carry the refugee’s voice to the international world after serving and living in the decaying tents of refugee camps. This team of youth believed in their impact and the humanity that still resides in others which motivated them to work for all the vulnerable people in this world. URDA’s team seeks to provide the current generations with a better future, one that is filled with hope.

The Story of Our Logo

URDA’s distinctive logo has evolved through time to form the hand dove that we know today. URDA inspired its logo from the five principles that govern the organization’s humanitarian efforts and have formed the shape of a hand of a human being that works for another. Since URDA has become a hand that crosses every continent in pursuit of helping underserved communities, the hand we know has started to mimic a dove that we wish to call a messenger of love and peace from one human being to another. The logo’s color was carefully chosen to symbolize stability, security, and clarity to the soul.

Our Theory of Change

Suffering, poverty, and injustice have become inevitable for many people these days, The pain that we see around us prompt so many questions that we cannot avoid; what kind of future is waiting for our children? What kind of life a woman will offer to her family when she is both emotionally and physically drained? Is this the generation we wish to entrust with humanity’s future when no education, development or psychosocial support is available for them? We continually tries to leave permanent changes in the lives of people which will last even after our aid stops by targeting three main groups of beneficiaries, including children, youth, and women. Out of these changes rise so many inspirational stories that allow us to see the humanity that is still somewhere inside of each and every one of us.

Children constitute one-third of our population and are a representation of our future, considering them as the most valuable resource. URDA believes in our future generations and is keen on helping them overcome post-traumatic effects by providing psychological support sessions to facilitate their recovery so they can lead a healthier life build.

The youth of our world are the trustees of its posterity. URDA works on building the capacities of the youth to achieve a permanent positive change. Education Sponsorships and development programs have led to many success stories among youth and children.

URDA considers women as the largest reservoir of talent in the world which has not been invested in yet. Stemming from this belief, URDA works on women empowerment as the leading sector among its programs. To support women, one supports a generation and an entire world, which is precisely the change we aim for because there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. HAYAT Story.

Ameen Story

It is his eye that reflects what he cannot express ... Each image is a reflection of his imagination and desires

Hayat Story

‘Hayat’ suffered immensely during the war in Syria which stripped her from her dignity and basic human rights.

Actions speak louder than words