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Peace Messengers

Around one million refugees in Lebanon are suffering from the social, economic, and psychological effects of the war.

Syrian refugee in Lebanon
Today, a considerable number of over-populated camps are located all around the world and are known for their inhumane living conditions.  These humanitarian compounds are home for many stories, incidents, lessons, dreams, and innovative solutions that allow refugees to embrace their pasts and inspire a better future for themselves and their families.

– Are you a researcher whose objective is to solve practical social problems using the ethnography methods to discover new cultures and traditions and enhance the lives of refugees?
– Are you a student looking for developing your thesis with concrete examples/interviews in these camps?
– Are you a video editor, a photographer who wants to reflect the lives of refugees through your lens?
– Are you a peace-builder who wants to support and help the refugees on the ground?

We offer you the opportunity to visit the asylum world in Lebanon and get introduced to refugees and be their peace-messenger. Your research, study, or experience will be more enriched by discovering this part of the world.
Our shelter centers and beneficiaries are welcoming any humanitarian who wishes to stand with them and leave an impact.

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