What we do – URDA Netherlands

Our Programs

Our Targeted Beneficiaries

We will work to ensure that all underprivileged individuals are playing a valuable role in their communities and are able to choose their own life path regardless of their origin, race, gender, religion and ethnicity. We work with the most disadvantaged people and encourage the world to do the same. by supervising all the implementation process We make sure that our projects meet  the highest international standards. In addition to our main programs in basic, Psychological and Self-Fulfillment needs we are currently  focusing on three main sectors ; Education, Protection and Development.

Basic Needs

Water & sanitation, healthcare and relief are some of refugees’ basic needs. By reaching to provide clean water and healthy environment, we prevent diseases that are rapidly spreading in crowded refugee camps and ensure the installment of basic infrastructure in a variety of camps, shelters and houses.

Psychological Needs

This program will help refugees overcome post traumatic effects which they have been suffering from whilst having been exposed to perilous environments. Knowing that women and children make up half of the refugee population, supporting the education of children is considered a great investment in the future generations. URDA provides several programs to support women and make them part of building up this nation as it believes in the role of women empowerment in the overall development of this country.

Self-Fulfillment Needs

This program seeks to lead refugees toward complete independence from donors and relief associations in terms of receiving relief services. Through boosting their self-reliance, refugees will become integrated in the production cycle and able to participate in serving their community i.e. a chance for them to participate in the reconstruction of Syria later on.

We are focusing on three main programs

  • Education program

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. 'Nelson Mandela'. Eight years into the Syrian crisis it is of serious concern that thousands of children in Lebanon are not attending school. To date, around 71% of school-aged children displaced from Syria are unable to access any form of education in Lebanon. With the absence of education, Syria will lose a generation whose responsibility will lie in the rebuilding process thus Education is the first and only thing that can remove corruption, unemployment, and environmental problems

To improve the quality of education services along with developing higher education and entrepreneurship is to empower young, ambitious people to lead their conflict-affected societies into prosperity.

Areas of Work:

  1. Provide basic literacy and numeracy courses, such as language learning for refugee students in camps.
  2. Sponsor refugee students in Lebanon to secure their university and private high school tuition fees, in addition to education-related costs.
  • Protection program

Children, adolescents and women are the core structures of society and pillars of a better future. During wars, refugees and specifically this segment group of society can be very vulnerable, which is why they require urgent and careful protection
in our protection program we believe that the change in the lives of what cumulate half of the population, will always be a wining case that will aid in building communities and lives of people centuries coming ahead. Our Protection Program focuses on.

Areas of Work:

1.To best support and guide children through specialized and focused psychological sessions as well as education and higher education sponsorship. By healing the soul, the mind and the body of these future builders will be the most effective, dedicated and hardworking hands society will have.

2.Empowering women through access to adequate healthcare, education, decent work, full participation in decision-making and public life, and lives free of violence and abuse, would give them a chance to build a secure life after bereavement. Importantly, creating opportunities for women can also help to protect their children and avoid the cycle of inter-generational poverty and deprivation.

  • Development program

We create self-sustainable and independent communities by building their human and economic capacities and resources, to transfer the refugee status from being in total consumption to be productive and supportive. with their integration within society by employing and upskilling local members in service of their immediate surroundings, Our beneficiaries become actors of the reconstruction of their country and have agency in transforming their lives.