Who we are – URDA Netherlands


To generate a permanent change in refugee perception worldwide by empowering and developing human livelihood and capacities. For those underprivileged people to become an active and valuable asset not only in their host community but moreover in their homeland later.


In a world where suffering, poverty, and injustice have almost become inevitable for many, URDA Nederland was established to defend and protect human rights and provide underprivileged people, such as refugees, displaced persons and / or affected by armed conflicts or natural disasters, with better living conditions and opportunities, regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion or age.


“ I want my life back” She revealed, “ I don’t want to be useless” the young man told us, “ I am sad when I see the children go to school every morning and I cannot” the child said, and many many needs, sorrows and wishes create the motive within us to help those people in need and extend our endless efforts to reach the other side of the world for them.

With great responsibilities and expectations comes a great need for professionalism. The preparation of our projects and activities, the efficiency of our processes and the quality of our services make a significant difference in achieving our goals.
Transparency in the collection and allocation of funds is essential and generates confidence in our endeavors. Our framework of action and the principles that guide our activities should are visible and recognizable both internally and externally.
URDA Nederland creates equal work opportunities for  everyone and provides its services to all human beings, regardless of their nationality, gender, race, age or beliefs. For us, working effectively with diversity is considered an indispensable part of our vision and mission.

By being involved in critical situations, URDA Nederland assumes great responsibility. We create expectations among the communities we help, our donors, and the public, and are always motivated to meet them.

Respect is crucial when approaching our beneficiaries. URDA Nederland and its staff members must always respect the people’s beliefs and values, raise awareness about their situation, and promote respect of diversity within the host community. It is also important to include our beneficiaries in the decision makingprocesses, taking into account their needs and interests, and the development of their capacities

Board members

Thomas Der Bedrosian

Ava Krikorian

Dicle Aygur